Business Operations


We operate the following four businesses."Wholesale Business" and "Contract Service" are for the company and "Retail Business" is for the end user. Another business such as "Manufacturing goods" is one of our business also.All of them base on our company philosophy and we consider that our social mission is to offer the goods which are surrounding our daily lives very closely.When we say "goods" here,we mean that it is not only just "goods" but also "goods" which suggest you a pleasure of the life and the enriched everyone's lifestyle.

Our handling items
Tableware / Kitchen goods / Household goods / Home accessory / Furniture / Stationery
Clothes / Accessory and clothes for child

Business Operations

Wholesale Business

We aim to offer goods in new wholesale style.Professional information of goods and backup system for total administration of shops are offered to our clients.That is the reason why we divide our wholesale staff into three groups by "Life Group" , "Style Group" and "Concept Group".

In every season(4,5 times a year),we hold exhibition and bring you the opportunity to see goods directly, have time to communicate with our staff who support your shop management.

Also we could back up your new shop with design work(logo, paper materials, and interior design) and concept work as your request.

Life Group Style Group Concept Group

* handling items *
Tableware / Kitchen goods
Household goods
Home accessory / Furniture

* handling items *
Clothes / Fashion accessory
Baby & kids accessory

* handling items *
Koishiwara Pottery etc.

Life items Style items Concept items
Life items Style items Concept items

Retail Business

In "Retail Business" we opperate the shops as the places that introduce our "goods" to end user directly,and the places to be sources of the information for them.

Each shop made an original shop concept based on our company philosophy and chose "goods" along with the concept and gathered. We have you enjoy the atmosphere of each shop. It could be the place of the encounter with "goods" that a shop makes life of people happy, and the discovery that a "something" heart jumps prays for it being it with the place that there is.

Concept Shop Group DAYS Group Interior Furniture Group

 - Fukuoka
 - Fukuoka Ito
 - Chikushino
 - Kashiihama
 - Omuta
 - Fukutsu
 - Kumamoto
 - Kagoshima
 - Oita
 - Kuzuha
 - Kyoto Katsuragawa

jour et jours
 - Hashimoto
 - Oita
 - Sasebo
 - Hiroshima

 - Nagasaki
 - Hiroshima


Online Shop Group


Contract Service

"Contract Service" is a support of the the space design for apartment developer, housing maker,hospital and design office.For example,model room coordination and setting up for apartment developer with our handling items.We are able to tie it to the cost cut by performing all process such as using our goods, planning, coordinating in our own company.


Living room coordination
for model room

Dining room coordination
for model room

Bed room coordination
for model room

Living room coordination Dining room coordination Bed room coordination

Manufacturing Goods

We manufacture the original goods.